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  • Sunday, October 21, 2007
    Yesterday, Steph P and I drove to a place in PA to tale a haunted hay ride. We hit a lot of traffic and it took us awhile to get there. Luckily we still got there early enough not to have to wait in line to long (when we left the traffic was unbelievable!)
    We we're all causual when we first got in the wagon. We were sitting with our backs resting on the boards, rolling our eyes and bemoaning the fact that a gaggle of little girls were on the ride with us and they were already screaming and acting up..... then the ride started. With in minutes, I had scooted as far away from the sides as I could and was clutching on to Steph's pant leg so tight she could not have shaken me off if she had wanted to...she didn't want to and was in fact clutching my arm in a similar manner. Oh yeah, we were both screaming our heads off. We had also become instant friends with the people next to us as we needed each other to survive the maniacs that were jumping out of the woods and grabbing us and going after us with fake knives and fake cut of body parts. The ghouls would bang on the boards of the wagon and whisper creepy things in your ear. They also jumped into the wagon to terrorize everyone. Meanwhile, there were explosions and fires and creepy dragons and scary house and store fronts and fucking low ceiling tunnels...The scariest part was when we went into a tunnel that had severed body parts hanging from meat hooks...that is where we were attacked by the loud, scary chainsaw carrying of the men was practically in the wagon cutting at our new friends legs and then Stephanie's back....

    Good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1