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  • Sunday, September 23, 2007
    Princess P. (aka Steph P.) decided to break in her patent leather shoes by putting warmed up socks in them (as read on the net). As I was sitting in my chair, enjoying my home made soup and watching the Giants, I began to notice the slightest smell of burnt marshmellows. Then I heard the histerical laughter of Miss P. from the kitchen. She disappeared into her bathroom, still laughing and then came back out telling me that I did not want to know what she had just done. I asked her if she had put her socks in the microwave and got up to look. She had indeed toasted her socks in the a crisp!!!!! They were literally burnt. Ironically enough they were her evil socks...
    It still smells of burnt marshmellows and I keep snorting with an occasional burst of laughing.

    Good one!!!