Birth date: July 11
Place of residence: Brooklyn, NY
Hometown: New York, NY
Occupation: Dreamer.

Contact her at: taviep at gmail dot com

Once upon a time, a baroness and a wizard decided that they should be married and issue offspring. Luckily for the offspring, they quit that S.C.A. crap long before the children were brought forth, and so it was to two regular old civil servants that two little girls were born on July 11, 1979. After seven months of residing together in uncomfortably close quarters, a condition which would remain unvaried for the first 25 years of their lives, the youngsters emerged to make their impressions upon the world. It was the only time they were ever early for anything.

One of the little girls was named Octavia Bronwyn Phillips, "Octavia" due to her mother's rather nerdish fondness of Roman history and the works of William Shakespeare. This child soon made it clear to all that she was to be known by friends and intimates as Tavie, and only as Octaviawhen they were mad at her or needed her to fill out some sort of form. (If you're rhyming the word Tavie with a savoury sauce eaten with mashed potatoes, you're pronouncing it correctly.)

Tavie spent the first eleven years of her life in Brooklyn, New York. When she turned eleven her family moved to Roosevelt Island, New York, where she lived until she graduated college. Afterwards, she moved to Jersey City, NJ with two of her best friends, and after a few years she moved back to Brooklyn to live with her boyfriend.

At the age of 15, Tavie made two important discoveries: one, that she was not enjoying high school at all and would not continue to attend it; two, that Kids in the Hall was the best tv program ever made in the history of the world. Both of these discoveries would influence her life greatly in the years to come.

(Coincidentally, Tavie's departure from the world of high school took place the very same month during which former Kid in the Hall Dave Foley's new sitcom, NewsRadio, made its debut on NBC, and Tavie finally attained her high school diploma-- through means too complicated to outline here-- the very month that said sitcom was cancelled. It may appear to future historians that Tavie dropped out of high school just to watch NewsRadio, and indeed, this theory is difficult to dispute. Don't worry: she did very well in college.)

Through her fandom of the Kids in the Hall and her addiction to "that internet thing", Tavie became acquainted with several people who would become some of her dearest and most beloved friends. More than one of these friends exerted major influence in helping her shape her life, and aided her in her return to academia. Tavie still lives and works in NYC. She has a respectable job for a respectable and ancient academic press, and does stuff on the internet, including maintaining the official online presence for the Kids in the Hall, through her long-time association with the troupe as a friend, fan and behind-the-scenes helper-person. That's all you need to know.